LUIDOR, JOSEPH (d. 1921), Hebrew writer. Born in Galicia, Luidor settled in Ereẓ Israel as a youth, working as an agricultural laborer in various places, including Reḥovot and Ein-Ḥai (Kefar Malal). He was especially close to J.Ḥ. Brenner , and, along with Brenner, was murdered by Arabs in 1921 in Jaffa. His body was never found. Luidor's stories, published in Ha-Ẓefirah, Ha-Shilo'aḥ, Ha-Toren, and Ha-Po'el ha-Ẓa'ir, were among the first writings to deal with the workers of the Second aliyah . He also wrote literary reviews. A collection of stories (Sippurim) was published in 1976, with an introduction by Dov Landau. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: Y. Yaari-Poleskin, Ḥolemim ve-Loḥamim (1946), 473ff. ADD. BIBLIOGRAPHY: E. Ben Ezer, Beshulei Sippurav shel Y. Luidor, in: Moznayim, 45 (1977), 119–127; G. Shaked, Ha-Sipporet ha-Ivrit, 2 (1983), 59–61; Y. Schwartz, "Handasat ha-Adam ve-Iẓẓuv ha-Merḥav ba-Tarbut ha-Ivrit ha-Ḥadashah," in: Mikan, 1 (2000), 9–24; E. Ben Ezer, "Or Ḥadash al Esther Raab ve-Yosef Luidor," in: Iton 77, 255 (2001), 17–20. (Getzel Kressel)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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